Custom American Motorcycles

There are only a few things in life that really matter…isn’t one of them your bike! Here at Custom American Motorcycles we know it is and we’re ready to treat it with the attention it deserves. From routine servicing and repairs, to full blown customizing from the ground up. Our experienced, skilled and well trained mechanics can help you meet your goals and provide you with professional insight and creative ideas.


They can help get you where you want to go, but they can also get you to where you didn’t even know you wanted – but are glad you did! We’re all bike owners here and we’ll always go that extra mile for our customers…cause we always enjoy the ride

Vengeance Vindicator :The 2003 Vengeance Vindicator sets the standard for “wide” and “low”. If you are looking for the ultimate beach & boulevard cruiser, then the Vindicator is the motorcycle that will make others stop and stare.


Vengeance Vendetta :
The 2003 Vengeance Vendetta reflects the powerful and sleek styling of the Pro-Street design movement. With its massive 250 rear and 21″ front tire this motorcycle combines the best in styling, handling and performance.




Vengeance Warrior:
The 2003 Vengeance Warrior redefines the classic American chopper. By combining the latest technology with traditional styling and the finest American-made craftsmanship, the Warrior sets a new standard.




Vengeance Invader:
The 2003 Vengeance Invader is the culmination of modern chopper design. We have systematically engineered this motorcycle to provide radical chopper looks combined with wide 250 series rear design and have delivered a motorcycle that features complete manageability and maneuverability. The Invader is a radical chopper that you can ride every day.




Vengeance Striker:
The 2003 Vengeance Striker features the same look as our flagship chopper the Warrior, but this bike is engineered with the smaller rider in mind. Slightly more compact than the warrior with a 200 series rear tire and narrower engine, the Striker gives its rider the best looks and rideability.




Vengeance Vertebreaker:
has taken the next step by introducing our first-ever hard-tail chopper. By combining the classic hard-tail chopper frame with the latest high-performance components the Vertebreaker will change the way you look at hard-tail choppers. The Vertebreaker includes a 113 Ci S&S engine, a 250 rear and 45 degrees of rake with a 12″ over front end.  One thing is for sure this bike is radical and it will “crush bones” everywhere it goes.



We’re proud to offer a variety of services for all your needs at can’t beat prices…..

  • Routine services
  • Engine rebuilds/performance work
  • Fabrication
  • Engine & trans case repair
  • Powder coating
  • Custom wiring
  • Assembly
  • Welding
  • Polishing
  • Painting & striping

And if it’s a part you’re looking for…LOOK NO FURTHER. We use only the best and can help you find it, install it for you or give you the best tips on installing it yourself. And don’t worry, our experience ensures that you get the right part and that it fits your bike.

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