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November 7, 2006
There are so many things in life that we take for granted. life itself is probably the biggest. Its only when we are faced with death of the possibility of it, that we realize whats really important. Shortly after writing my last entry, my best friend was diagnosed with acute luekemia. While we were in Atlanta on that Friday, she was at my house taking care of my kids, like she has done for the past fifteen years. She just thought it was a cold or the flu that was making her sick, but as she got worse she went to the doctor. What happened next was unfaceable. She was immediately admitted to the hospital and under going chemo. I was in total shock. She has now been there for a week, but she is strong in her faith and doing well. I would like to request that everyone reading this would please say a prayer of healing for my friend Juanita Ritchie. I was scheduled to fly to Texas, but under the circumstances, I did’nt go. I instead took Juanita a basket full of pajamas along with a poodle shaped pillow for her to curl up with. For the next couple of days I was feeling out of sorts, because Chad left on Wednesday and it was now Friday. Its hard for us to be apart very long. We are each others support. Chad knew I was having withdrawls from not being with him, so he called me often to keep me informed with everything that was going on at the track. The whole day of Friday I did nothing but watch the speed channel. Chad not only was qualifying for the cup race, he also was for the Busch race. He did’nt make the cup race, but made the Busch race. After all the qualifying was over it was now time for the trucks to take the track for their race. Saturday was full of “mom” things, from the school chili event for Chaz to taking Chase to trap practice. And inbetween all that I had to make sure we were back in time to watch the Busch race. Later that night, Chad finally returned home. I was glad not only because I missed him but because our two labs have been keeping me up at night with their barking. They, Stonewall and Forrest only mind what Chad tells them to do. We have only had them a year and a half and I cant even begin to tell you what all they have cost us in damage to properity and landscaping. we laugh about it now that they are older. We also have three cats which I love, because they are no trouble at all. I have to brag a little on Chase. Sunday he killed his first deer with a bow. All I wanted to know, was it a good shot or did the deer suffer? Chase said, mom it only ran about ten yards and dropped. It was a good shot. My dad “pop” would be proud. I did go to the nursing home to tell him all about it. I dont know if he hears me or not but just in case he does, I wanted him to know he taught his grandson well.

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